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  • Your Season Loan

    Your Season Loan

    No one knows better than you that nature has its own rhythm.

    You have created your season, the season of planning, calculations and decisions. You follow the rhythm of nature, we follow your rhythm. Choose from our loans designed specially for your season. Welcome to Your Season!
    If you do business in the agricultural field, you own at least 100 ha. arable land worked or at least 100 dairy cows/farms or at least 1000 fat pigs/farm and you submit the insurance policy for crops or animals assigned in favor of OTP Bank Romania SA, signed with Groupama Asigurari SA, we offer you two financing products: Your Season Loan – without mortgage and Your Season Loan – partially guaranteed.

    What advantages does the loans developed in partnership with Groupama Asigurari S.A offer you?

    otp bankfinancing current activity and also the refinancing of other ongoing facilities, with similar destination;
    otp bankflexible guarantee structure;
    otp bankmaximum amount up to EUR 200.000, RON echiv;
    otp bankavoiding the possible fluctuations of the exchange rate, by granting financing in national currency.
    otp bankflexible operating and reimbursement methods.

    In addition, because we want to provide you with unique financing products, Groupama Asigurari, as a strategic partner, supports you with additional benefits such as:

    otp bankshort terms in order to pay damages;
    otp bankthe possibility to pay the insurance policies on several tranches, which is a real benefit only for OTP Bank Romania clients;
    otp bankdiscounts on insurance of agricultural and personal machines.

    What are the guarantees requested by OTP Bank Romania?

    Depending on your financing needs, you can access either Your Season Loan- without mortgage, the product being guaranteed exclusively by the policy issued by Groupama Asigurari S.A., if the amount requested is maximum RON 200.000, either Your Season Loan – partially guaranteed, with only 50% additional guarantees, being partially guaranteed based on insurance policy issued by Groupama Asigurari S.A., if the amount requested is maximum EUR 200.000.

    OTP Bank Romania offers you permanent access to the best credit offer, with a simple, fast and efficient guarantee structure.