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  • Subsidy Pre-financing Loan – Measure 14 and 14T

    Subsidy Pre-financing Loan – Measure 14 and 14T

    Subsidy Pre-financing Loan – Measure 14 and 14T

    This product

    is designed to finance the working capital needed to conduct current business (and also to pay obligations to the state budget and the other budgets) required by the state aid beneficiaries to meet their voluntary commitments made for poultry welfare and swine welfare and protection respectively until the relevant subsidies are received from APIA (Agricultural Payments and Interventions Agency).

    The loan is reimbursed in full on receipt of due amounts, but not later than the date set by APIA for the payment of such subsidies, according to the Agreements concluded with the Bank.

    What benefits does this product offer you?

    otp bankIt finances up to 90% of the subsidy value to be received, for your current activity. Thus, you are given the possibility of paying any debts to the state budget and the other budgets
    otp bankGuarantees issued by Guarantee Funds (FNGCIMM (National Loan Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) or FGCR (Rural Loan Guarantee Fund)) are accepted;
    otp bankCounselling for the preparation of the documents necessary to access the loan and a quick response.

    What guarantees are required by OTP Bank?

    • Mortgage on the amounts to be received from APIA;
    • Mortgage on the client’s current accounts opened at OTP Bank;
    • Guarantees issued by Guarantee Funds (FNGCIMM, FGCR);


    You can take the loan even if you have not worked with our bank before. All you have to do is to contact an OTP Bank consultant with any of our units or e-mail us at the address: agricultura@otpbank.ro.

    Apply here for a loan for pre-financing subsidies granted to beneficiaries of Measure 14 and 14T.