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    Support for investment in agriculture and rural development

    The objective of the OTP Consulting Romania LTD is to provide various financial and professional consulting services for the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

    Starting with 2007, the company is involved in project preparation and development. Starting from identifying the need and transforming it into a project idea, to project management and monitoring after the implementation is completed.

    In cooperation with OTP Bank, the company offers a comprehensive package of financial services and expertise, also providing good credit opportunities for the smooth running of projects.

    In charge with management and smooth running of the company is Mr. Olti Agoston, who is the company’s managing director since 2008. He has a 17 years experience in the field of investment projects, being an evaluator and program manager for several years. He participated in numerous national, international and cross-border cooperation programs, he was also a trainer for evaluators within the Romania-Bulgaria Cross-Border Cooperation Program between 2007-2013.
    As far as the activity in the company is concerned, it ensures the implementation of the company’s development strategy, manages and coordinates the activity of the headquarters and of the regional offices, participates in the development of various projects within the company.

    Establishment / Development of plant farms

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    Establishment / Development of livestock farms

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    Investments in the processing / marketing and / or development of agricultural products

    Establishment of meat processing and packaging plants, Milk processing, Combined feed plants.

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    Processing of agricultural products in order to obtain non-agricultural products

    Establishment / Development of production units for bakery products, pastries, extruded food products.

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    In terms of projects, the company has extensive experience with agricultural investment projects, both for the establishment of new units in the field (farms, greenhouses, processing units) and for the development of existing ones (new equipment purchases, new machinery purchases to increase production, etc.).

    The company’s offices are located in: Bucharest – company headquarters, regional offices: Miercurea-Ciuc, Oradea, Satu-Mare and Cluj-Napoca.


    OTP Consulting Romania
    Bucharest, Sector 2, Dacia Blvd. 83, 1st floor
    Tel: (+4) 0371-532.201
    E-mail: consulting@otpbank.ro
    Oradea Regional Office
    Oradea, Avram Iancu street, no. 2
    Tel: (+4) 0755-000.313
    E-mail: consulting@otpbank.ro


    Miercurea-Ciuc Regional Office
    Miercurea-Ciuc, Petőfi Sándor street, no. 7
    Tel: (+4) 0755-000.337
    E-mail: consulting@otpbank.ro
    Satu-Mare Regional Office
    Satu-Mare, Libertății square, no. 14
    Tel: (+4) 0755-000.142
    E-mail: consulting@otpbank.ro


    Cluj-Napoca Regional Office
    Cluj-Napoca, Unirii square, no. 23
    Tel: (+4) 0755-000.313
    E-mail: consulting@otpbank.ro