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  • Agricultural Land Purchase Loan

    Agricultural Land Purchase Loan

    Agricultural Land Purchase Loan

    can serve as an investment loan limit giving the possibility of purchasing several plots of land over time.

    The loan financing period is up 180 months, depending on the applicant’s reimbursement capacity.

    What advantages does the agricultural land purchase loan offer you?

    Financing of up to 90% of the purchase value, depending on the loan currency, the guarantee structure, etc;
    Flexible reimbursement methods, consistent with the current receipt flow and your company’s forecast receipts;
    Grace period of up to 12 months, depending on the financing period and the revenues generated by your business;
    Counselling for the preparation of the documents necessary to access the loan and a quick response.

    The guarantee structure for this product is flexible and it includes lands under financing and/or refinancing schemes.

    You can take the loan even if you have not worked with OTP Bank before. All you have to do is to contact an OTP Bank consultant with any of our units or e-mail us at the address agricultura@otpbank.ro.